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2018 Redspot Survey

The 2018 Redspot Survey will run in late May and June 2018. Check back during this time to have your say.


2016 RACV Redspot Survey results

Thanks to an overwhelming response from the Victorian community the 2016 Redspot Survey received a record 18,000 nominations. Six of the Top 10 are in Melbourne’s north-east suburbs. With such a high number of responses it is clear that congestion remains a major source of frustration to road users.

What the survey found

For the first time in the Redspot Survey, we see a cluster of six of the Top 10 Redspots associated with the one corridor – to the north east of Melbourne. It is clear from these six Redspots that the key projects that are needed, include:

  • The missing North East Link in the Metropolitan Ring Road from Greensborough to the Eastern Freeway/EastLink.
  • Improved bus services on the SmartBus routes to the north east, including the Doncaster area, with well-designed bus lanes on both sides of Victoria Parade and Hoddle Street, including 24/7 clearways.
  • The East West Link or a major project connecting the end of the Eastern Freeway to the Tullamarine Freeway/CityLink.


The Top 10 Redspots

1. Eastern Fwy / Hoddle St / Alexandra Pde, Clifton Hill/Collingwood

Redspot 1-2

Victorians nominated the most frustrating location on our road network the intersection of the Eastern Freeway, Alexandra Parade and Hoddle Street. Long queues of stationary traffic clog the Eastern Freeway each morning as commuters make their way into and across the city and both Hoddle Street and Alexandra Parade move at a snail’s pace. Each evening the reverse happens as commuters flock to leave the city or travel from the west. The planned Hoddle Street improvement works may ease congestion at this location a little, but it is essential that 24/7 parking bans are installed on both sides of Hoddle Street to free up traffic and so that a northbound bus lane can be provided for services to Doncaster. This would help ensure bus travel is a viable option for commuters. But with the East-West Link now on the backburner, it’s clear that this Redspot is a nightmare for many and may remain so for some time. Other actions need to be investigated.



2. Rosanna Rd / Jika St / Dora St / Banksia St / Lower Heidelberg Rd, Heidelberg

This location is one of several of the Top 10 Redspots along the corridor of the missing north east freeway link in the Metropolitan Ring Road.. Large volumes of traffic and significant numbers of trucks filter through suburbs such as Bulleen, Heidelberg and Rosanna each day as they make their way to and from the end of the Metropolitan Ring Road in Greensborough, and the Eastern Freeway. Rosanna Road in Heidelberg cops the brunt of this traffic, with commuters along the road facing long delays and residents living with unacceptably high traffic volumes on their doorstep. Congestion in the area is unacceptable for both commuters and residents alike and the North-East Link between the Metropolitan Ring Road at Greensborough, and the Eastern Freeway/Eastlink, is needed.



3. Chandler Hwy between Heidelberg Rd and Princess St, Alphington / Kew

Redspot 3

The top Redspot from the 2014 survey has turned up at number three this year indicating that the Chandler Highway Bridge remains a headache for commuters. The good news is that the State Government has committed to a major upgrade of this serial Redspot. Construction of a new six-lane bridge will begin in the middle of next year with the existing historically significant bridge to be retained as a shared path. For commuters it can’t come soon enough.



4. Thompsons Rd / Western Port Hwy, Skye

Redspot 4

This clogged roundabout in Melbourne’s outer South East continues to frustrate commuters and has retained its place at number four in the 2016 Redspot Survey. The good news is that VicRoads has plans to remove this roundabout and replace it with traffic lights. These works are slated to commence in mid-2017 and will continue for two years. Whilst these works are welcome, the strong suburban growth in the Cranbourne corridor means that a freeway style interchange will be needed.



5. Fitzsimons Lane between Main Rd and Porter St, Eltham / Templestowe

Redspot 5

These two roundabouts and the connecting bridge across the Yarra are appearing in the top ten for the first time this year, and are also partially the result of the gap in the freeway network between the Metropolitan Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway/Eastlink. The Fitzsimons Lane/Porter Street roundabout on the Templestowe side of the river and the Main Rd/Fitzsimons Road roundabout on the Eltham side both experience unacceptably long queues of traffic waiting to pass through them during both the morning and evening peaks. These two roundabouts and the road connecting them are clearly a major headache for commuters and while there are there are no immediate plans to resolve the situation, we understand that options are being investigated.


6. Greensborough Hwy between Metropolitan Ring Rd and Grimshaw St, Greensborough

Redspot 6

This is another top ten Redspot along the missing North East Link corridor between Greensborough and the Eastern Freeway/Eastlink. As with the number two Redspot, the Greensborough Highway simply cannot cope with the volume of traffic making its way from between the Metropolitan Ring Road in Greensborough and the Eastern Freeway. Capacity and service improvements on the Hurstbridge Line will help provide some people with a public transport alternative.



7. Point Cook Rd between Sneydes Rd and Princes Fwy, Seabrook

Redspot 7

This traffic snarl in the western suburbs has become a regular in the Top 10 Redspots. Making it to the Top 10 for the third survey in a row, it’s clear that traffic on Point Cook Road is going nowhere fast. The new Sneydes Road interchange is too far west for many people close to Point Cook Road. However, it is understood that VicRoads is investigating upgrading the Point Cook Road/Princes Freeway interchange.



8. Eastern Fwy / Bulleen Rd / Thompsons Rd, Balwyn North

Redspot 8-1

This is another of the top Redspots in the corridor of the missing North East Link between the end of the Metropolitan Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway. With three of the top ten Redspots in 2016 along the North East Link corridor, RACV welcomes the government’s commitment to building the North East Link.


Redspot 8-2


9. Maroondah Hwy / Dorset Rd, Croydon North

The four way intersection of Maroondah Highway, Dorset Road, Exeter Road and Bellara Road has long been a cause of frustration for residents in the Croydon area. The good news for commuters is that the Federal Government recently announced an $8 million upgrade to the intersection, which will hopefully ease the strain for commuters. This will provide additional right-turn lanes into both Dorset Road and Exeter Road from Maroondah Highway as well as 800 metres of Dorset Road being duplicated.

10. Toorak Rd between Milton Pde and Auburn Rd, Kooyong

This location makes it into the Top 10 for the second survey in a row. The good news is that the State Government has the Toorak Road level crossing slated for removal. The bad news is that it is in only in the early stages of planning and it may not be completed until 2022.

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