Redspot Survey

Past Surveys

The Redspot Survey has been running since 1991. The 2018 Redspot Survey, run by RACV in conjunction with our partners Leader Community News and 7 News, received over 18,000 votes and nominations from the Victorian community. With such a high number of responses it is clear that congestion remains a major source of frustration to road users.

RACV uses the information provided to us through the survey to campaign for improvements to the Victorian road network. In 2018, the format of the survey has changed to use the latest available information to pinpoint the most congested locations in Melbourne. The 2018 Survey ran for five weeks in May and June.

The results for the 2018 survey plus the earlier surveys back to 2006 are presented below. As you can see, many of the earlier Redspots have now been fixed, which shows the Redspot Survey gets results. There is currently work in progress or planning underway for five of the top 10 Redspots from the 2016 survey, with another four locations which may see improvements in congestion levels as a result of the North East Link project.

Top 10 Redspots in 2016
Top 10 Redspots in 2016
Top 10 Redspots in 2014
Top 10 Redspots in 2012
Top 10 Redspots in 2010
Top 10 Redspots in 2008
Top 10 Redspots in 2006


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